Sanitary-ware Shui Comfort Collection
Extra ceramic
Sanitary-ware Le Giare Collection
Sanitary-ware Arcadia Collection
Sanitary-ware Le Giare Collection
Sanitary-ware Shui Comfort Collection
Sanitary-ware Fluid Collection
On-top bowl SHBA45
Urinals Collection
Ceramica Cielo

The invention of the colour CIELO rediscovers color. Modern and clean shapes are modeled on new chromatic effects for which nature serves both as source of inspiration and idea for change; a shimmering reality that reveals and hides, and gives every architectural design a new dimension.
The design research conducted in recent years has contributed to an up-to-date and constantly renewed collection, new chromatic experiments and surfaces with completely new ceramic glazes, used by CIELO in unique combinations of colors and surface textures.
The traditional chemical composition of the glazes, formed by mixtures of raw materials as quartz, feldspar, zinc and kaolin, rendered opaque by the addition of tin oxide and zirconium silicate, is declined in a rich chromatic range, which may be enriched over time with new shades designed to meet the specific requirements of the individual client.

On-top bowl SHBA40